Inland Capital Management (ICM) is the sponsor and manager of a series of highly successful, ecologically minded, real estate investment funds that offer investors capital appreciation that exceeds what is generally achievable through traditional equity and debt real estate investment vehicles while, in many instances, also furthering sound land and ecological conservation purposes.

Since 2002 ICM has sponsored over 35 successful funds, the team has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to identify and capitalize on properties that can be obtained at favorable prices and have significant potential for appreciation and/or repositioning via development to the land’s true highest and best use.


ICM was founded by Jack E. Fisher. Mr. Fisher is a native of Madison County, North Carolina and graduated magna cum laude in 1974 from Mars Hill College. He was employed for two years with the Internal Revenue Service and for six years in the tax and auditing departments with Price Waterhouse & Co. in Winston Salem, North Carolina. After leaving Price Waterhouse & Co., Mr. Fisher became a partner in Barker Ward & Co. and opened their office in Atlanta Georgia. He left Barker Ward & Co. to pursue a family business opportunity but returned to public accounting to become a founding member of a CPA firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Fisher maintains his CPA status and is currently licensed in North Carolina and Georgia and is supported by a strong team of professionals.


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